NTU Space

在傳統的工作方式中,若要儲存資料,不外乎是儲存到電腦的硬碟,要帶出去的話,就要放到隨身碟或隨身硬碟,要跟朋友做檔案交換,如果用電子郵件,就不能傳太大的檔案,用FTP又有管理的問題,最後的結果,就是一份檔案散落在各個地方,每個版本又不相同,十分不方便,有了 NTU Space 之後,您可確保您每次開啟的檔案,都是最新的版本,也不用費心維護,要分享給朋友,設定一下就好,而且還可以用各種裝置存取,讓您享受雲端時代的便利。

In the past, you save your files on your local computer, and if you want to take it out, you need to copy it to your USB flash drive or External Storage. If you want to exchange files with friends by e-mail, the size of the file is limited. If you use FTP to share files with friends, you must to manage the FTP server yourself. Worst of all, the same copy of files are in different place, and the files in each place are different version; It is very inconvenient. With NTU Space, you can ensure that every time you open a file it is the latest version, and you don’t need to maintain servers. Just simply setting, then you can share files with your friends, and You can access your files from a variety of devices. Just enjoying your time with cloud technology.

服務說明 Service

帳號種類 學生 教職員工 單位公務 計畫帳號
容量 15 GB 40 GB 40 GB -
可否擴充 V V V
Account Type Student Faculty and Staff Units Special Program
Quota 15 GB 40 GB 40 GB -
Subscription V V V
  • 帳號停用(畢業、離職、計畫終止)後,資料立即封存,三個月後自動清除。
  • 計畫帳號無免費空間,僅能付費開通。

常見問題 FAQ

NTU Space 提供網頁版直接存取檔案,亦可於電腦中安裝同步軟體使用。
NTU Space service supports Web Interface and Sync Agent.

In compliance with legal norms, any type of file can be saved in NTU Space, Web Interface maximum upload size for a single file is 3 GB , so long as it does not exceed your storage capacity.

Yes. You can preview most of file types on NTU Space Web Interface, some Office file can online edit.

Windows MacOS
How to install and use NTU Space Sync Agent?

依照目前規定,校友及離職、退休教職員工無法使用NTU Space服務,建議您在離校前先行備份個人檔案,再移轉至其他外部廠商的檔案儲存服務。若您已經習慣使用NTU Space的介面,您可以改為註冊ASUS Webstorage的帳號;或是您可以也可以使用Google雲端硬碟、Microsoft OneDrive、Dropbox等其他外部廠商的檔案儲存服務。
According to policy, alumni and former or retire employees are not eligible to use NTU Space. We recommend you to backup all of your files before you leave. If you are used to using NTU Space, you can transfer to ASUS Webstorage platform, or other cloud space solutions such as Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, and Dropbox.